“Leah is amazing at what she does. She helped us feel supported, prepared, and empowered for the birth of our son. I could ask her anything and without judgment or motivation she helped me either talk through my fears or find resources that would help me on my journey. I sought out a Doula mainly because I had heard so many negative birth stories and fear driven experiences that I didn’t want that for our experience. I wanted to look back on the birth of our son with nothing but love and amazement. Leah coached us through a long 26 hour birth and helped us achieve a beautiful natural birth and I truly wouldn’t change a thing. We are so thankful to have had Leah a part of our birth story and I would highly recommend her to all the mamas out there!”

Shannon C.

“Leah Brodt with Zen Mama Birth Doula was SUCH a priceless addition to my labor and birth story. I can’t recommend her as a doula enough! She visited us while I was still pregnant and walked us through early labor and things we could try at home, which helped us feel more at ease about the whole journey. Then I was in labor over 2 days and Leah was there for us the entire time. To list just a few of the things Leah did: she set the calming environment in the hospital room with faux candles, etc., helped me advocate for myself when the docs wanted to push things faster, guided my husband through it all (and gave him nap/potty/back breaks), applied counter pressure to help me through back labor and sciatica pains, threw away my puke bag for me!!, reminded me of my reasons constantly (her voice in my head saying “just think of holding Logan soon” helped bring me down from moments I wanted to scream), and she helped me feel fully supported in my decision to ultimately call for the epidural when I needed it. She helped my husband tremendously too! He didn’t know before we hired her exactly how much a doula could help him too, but one of the first things he said to me after it was all over was how priceless she was – he says he would’ve felt so much more helpless without the guidance she provided him. And Leah was almost as excited as we were when my huge son was born! She is a wonderful woman, mama and now my great friend who loves my son. She wouldn’t be so great at what she does if she didn’t truly care about her clients, and it shows.”

Erica S.

Leah Brodt



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