About Leah

Zen: finding calm amongst the chaos. I believe that our struggles are what ultimately shape us. I ran my first marathon two weeks before my 30th birthday. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. My love for running came to a halt when chronic hip pain became a daily struggle. At 32, I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis. Genetics and lifestyle had finally caught up with me and the doctor told me I needed a total hip replacement. It’s easy to make excuses and focus on the things you can’t do, but I realized the power of positivity and being grateful for what you CAN do. I replaced running with hiking, yoga, and paddle boarding. Health and wellness is a journey and it lasts a lifetime. Try not to compare your journey and just focus on being better than you were yesterday. I never dreamed of becoming a birth doula, but I am convinced it’s my calling and am truly honored to serve the women of this community. We can all do hard things.